Bunny of The Day: Judy - Vietnamese

Brief Summary:

Hi my name is Judy Trinh and I currently attend freehold township high school. I was born and raised on the east coast and will always represent! One thing I love to do is just to drive with no set destination, it frees my mind of worries. I am bilingual, I speak English and Vietnamese. Makeup is my best friend, I couldn't live without it! The fashion industry is calling my name, you could tell I adore it by the outfits I tend to wear even when there is no occasion. My friends and family think I'm too extra when I do that but hey I'm still looking cute. I absolutely love to travel and If I could visit every country in the world I would. The only thing I want to achieve in my whole entire life is to make my dad proud from heaven and to give my mom the best of the best while she's still healthy and alive.
Twitter: @judytrinhh