Bunny of The Day: Meher - Pakistani & African American

Hi, my name is Meher! I'm very outgoing, interested in body art and piercings, and have many hobbies as well. I attend Pierce College and am going into Sophomore year. I came up with the decision of double majoring in Criminology & Political Science, with a minor in art to pursue my tattooing career on the side. My favorite type of tattoo style is Black & Grey. As far as hobbies go, I do a bunch of different things. I used to surf on a daily basis when I was closer to the beach, but now it's occasional. I like to skate/cruise, box, race once in a while, drawing different things, as well as photography and travel. I love watching and playing basketball. Something I find very unique about myself is my ability to be carefree. In a society like today's not many people are given such opportunities or have the confidence to do so.